Welcome To Dr. Serritella

Dr. Serritella is a licensed psychotherapist who has been practicing for 33 years.  He provides a full range of top quality mental health services to individuals of all ages.  For businesses and organizations, the practice offers counseling, development, and wellness programs.  Dr. Serritella is a certified clinical supervisor.

Dr. Serritella and his staff are licensed as mental health professionals by the State of Georgia.  Each has a minimum of ten years of professional experience, and each has expertise in specific areas of treatment.  Every client has the opportunity to be matched with a therapist who is skilled at dealing with a client's particular concerns.

We know that our clients come to therapy as their own unique beings, with their own individual challenges, and their own personal stories.  As psychotherapists and counselors, we are available to each one of you, whether you are dealing with day-to-day struggles or something more longstanding and complex; whether you need to work on healing early trauma and wounding, or need some guidance in moving forward in your life; whether you’re faced with situational difficulties or looking for deeper growth.  Dr. Serritella and his staff provide therapy for adults, couples, families, and children.

172 North Avenue
Jonesboro, GA  30236

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89 Hospital Circle, Ste. 5
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